SonaSound is a real-time music visualisation tool using either soundcard input or playing files to the soundcard output. It features a waveform-, a short-time spectral- and a sonogram display for music application. It tries to be as accurate as possible, not as beautiful as possible.
You can easily transcribe music via the superimposed tuneable (you can adjust the reference "A"'s frequency) staff lines using LPC to generate the spectrum. On the other hand a scientific apporach is possible as well when using the FFT to generate the spectrum and disable the staff lines.
This is a Master's Thesis at the Institute for communications research at the TU Berlin.
It runs and compiles on almost any unixoid OS. THE main important thing you need is a good graphics card with good drivers to get a smooth scrolling.
You can contact me at niklaswerner <at> users <dot> sourceforge <dot> net, if you want to offer help, offer me a job or just to complain about missing features…


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